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Looking for something a little more healthy? At Guayabitos, we also serve tasty seafood and vegetarian dishes. Don't forget, everything is prepared fresh!

Tasty seafood and vegetarian dishes


Special Tlaquepaque


Grilled seasoned shrimp with onions and our special chipotle sauce. Served with Mexican rice and guacamole salad

Cóctel de Camarones


Shrimp cocktail

Camarones a Ia Diabla


Sauteed shrimp in our chipotle butter sauce. Served with Mexican rice, guacamole salad and 2 tortillas

Camarones al Mojo de Ajo


Sautéed shrimp in our special buttery garlic sauce. Served with Mexican rice, guacamole salad and 2 tortillas

Quesadilla Loca


Two grilled flour tortillas with seasoned shrimp, onions, tomatoes and bell peppers. Served with lettuce, tomato and homemade guacamole

Mojarra Frita


Tilapia fish with lettuce topped with a slice of avocado, slice of lime, onions and jalapeño peppers. Served with Mexican rice

Shrimp Chimichangas


Two flour tortillas filled with shrimp and topped with nacho cheese. Served with rice, refried beans, lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream and guacamole

Grilled Jumbo Shrimp (6)


Grilled Jumbo Shrimp (12)


Fish Tacos (New)


Four corn tortillas filled with grilled tilapia fillet, pico de gallo and sliced avocado

Shrimp Tostadas (New)


Three crispy corn tortillas covered with shrimp mixed, pico de gallo and sliced avocado

Extra Cheese dip on top



V1. One quesadilla, Mexican rice and refried beans


V2. One chalupa, Mexican rice and one cheese enchilada


V3. One bean burrito with nacho cheese, one quesadilla and one cheese enchilada


V4. One chalupa, one quesadilla and Mexican rice


V5. One cheese, spinach or mushroom quesadilla, Mexican rice and guacamole salad


Add spinach or mushrooms or zucchini - $1.00 extra

V6. One bean burrito, one poblano pepper, Mexican rice and refried beans


V7. Tex-Mex Quesadilla


Two golden quesadillas, one with sautéed mushrooms and one with spinach. Served with guacamole salad

V8. Vegetarian Fajitas


Bell peppers, onions, tomatoes, mushrooms and zucchini. Served with Mexican rice, refried beans, guacamole salad and 3 tortillas

V9. Burrito Verde (Green Burrito) (New)


10-inch flour tortilla filled with Mexican rice, refried beans, grilled zucchini and squash. Covered with cheese sauce and topped with green salsa, lettuce and a slice of avocado

V10. Super Quesadilla


10-inch flour tortilla stuffed with bell peppers, onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, zucchini and yellow squash, served with Mexican rice and guacamole salad

V11. Poblano Peppers


Peppers stuffed with cheese, served with Mexican rice, guacamole salad, pico de gallo and 2 flour tortillas

V12. Chalupas (2)


Two chalupas topped with refried beans, cheese, tomato and guacamole salad

V13. One chalupa, one poblano pepper and Mexican rice


Visit us today at:

3422 Old Towne Plaza

Maggie Valley, NC 28751


Our 2nd location in the Valley Village Shopping Center:

236 Hwy 19 S. Bryson, City, NC 28713



Our 2 authentic Mexican restaurants are open 7 days a week!